FUpdate Log

06-17-2022 Fresh coat of paint (please let me know if anything is an unacceptable eyesore), new page Bread, updated About (and added a secret page), minor updates to other pages mostly to accomodate new CSS. New Diary.
05-30-2022 New Diary. Index is a work in progress :)
05-23-2022 New Diary, updated Links (feel free to email if forgot your button) and Stationery! Working on doll pages.
05-17-2022 New Diary
05-11-2022 Some layout updates.
04-30-2022 New Diary, moved things around.
04-16-2022 New Diary, consolidated Reviews + Media Log.
04-10-2022 Webring
04-03-2022 New Diary
04-02-2022 Updates to Doll Info, new page, Stationery!
03-15-2022 New Diary
03-08-2022 I realized that I never count new Diary entries as an update. But they count as updates now!
03-02-2022 Changes to CSS
02-04-2022 Changes to pagination in Diary but it's minor.
01-22-2022 Updates to K-variety. Links is its own page again, and Collection is moved to Diary (with some of its own minor updates). Now all of the main links are about the same width, very cool.
01-14-2022 Moved some links around, minor changes here and there.
12-30-2021 Also fixed some mistakes :)
12-29-2021 Minor changes, not really anything new. Clear cache if weird.
12-12-2021 Added Kikipop page to Dolls
11-28-2021 Added pages to Dolls and More!
11-09-2021 Updates to Dolls and Diary. Working on stuff for More.
10-28-2021 Even though it looks like I'm actually doing things (or pretending to do things?) with this site, all of the changes are fairly minor.
10-09-2021 Moving stuff around, mainly in Other. Moved 'Dolls' to its own page, plan on redoing and expanding
09-26-2021 More invisible clean-up, major Diary revisions, additions to Collection and links in About (I'm starting to think it needs its own page again).
09-10-2021 Cleaned up some pages and made a few tweaks that I'm very excited about but are entirely invisible. Also, I made a new link button!
09-07-2021 Reverted the changes I made to this page where it was very wide. I think I will revist that idea later, for now I like this as it is after all. No more videos though.
08-29-2021 Very minor additions. Added a favicon :)
08-21-2021 CSS Updates and a few additions to the 'Misc' pages! Still thinking about how to use this empty yellow box on the left.
07-31-2021 I'm trying things
07-05-2021 (Mostly) minor changes here and there.
07-02-2021 Moved 'Links' to 'About'
06-12-2021 New coat of paint identical to the old coat of paint but newer
05-18-2021 Added 'Scripts' under 'Other' :)
05-16-2021 Just code updates and tweaks. If it looks weird please clear your cache! I think I maybe added other stuff too though. Idk.
05-08-2021 Added pagination to 'Diary'. It was nothing short of torture. I'm very happy with the result!
04-21-2021 Added stuff.
04-07-2021 Added stuff.
03-20-2021 Some updates to 'Other', Happy New Horizons day! :)
03-09-2021 Forgot to adjust some of the guestbook settings but those are working now.
03-07-2021 'Works' added.
03-05-2021 I think I'm happy with the layout now. Currently working on 'Gallery' 'Works' next! oh boy my old ancient art :)
02-28-2021 Really extensive CSS changes. I'm undecisive so...more to come :) I don't know exactly what I want to do with this TV ---> yet. So for now I will put videos I like.
02-24-2021 Added 'Other' page, but might move things around still. Other small additions or tweaks on other pages.
02-20-2021 I think I have enough content to justify a proper upload. Still a work in progress though.
02-12-2021 By the way, this site is responsive.
01-22-2021 Um...I don't think it counts to update before anything is actually uploaded. But I began the long and laborous process of coding. Fun!
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