Bread is my favorite food. I really do think it's its own thing and not just a vessel for delivering meats and spreads. The world as we know it would not exist today if it wasn't for bread. Eating bread is great but I like making and touching and smelling and looking at it too.


I first learned how to bake bread when I was 14 or so when my aunt taught me our family's caramel roll recipe that has now been passed down four generations. I'm pretty certain it originally came from a cookbook but if my family says its ours then it is. I liked baking the standard box cakes with my mother on occassion before that, but afterwards, bread became most enjoyable for me to bake.

I've experimented with the recipe a lot since then. I'm not one to care much for presentation when it comes to food and bread is cutest when it's lumpy! My favorite part is kneading, it's a great way to relieve stress and uncooked dough is just really fun to play with. Unless you're making enough bread to feed a whole village, stand mixers are overrated! Just use your hands!

Sometimes bread recipes that are kind of like cake, like banana bread and zucchini bread, will recommend using applesauce to make them more moist. But dragonfruit puree (or dragonfruitsauce?) is a good alternative! White dragonfruit doesn't really taste like anything (though if I were really pressed to describe the taste I would say it's bad), but the seeds add a really pleasant texture to the bread. Kind of like multigrain bread but not hard on your teeth at all. I highly recommend it!

I don't do sourdough. One of these days I will try making croissants!

a loaf of homemade bread


I have a hard time not wanting to grab one of everything any time I visit a bakery, even if I've already been enough times to have a favorite. The only weakness of bread is that it eventually goes stale and molds. And because I can't eat it all of the time, I started collecting bread goods that never expire even if I don't eat them!

My pride and joy is, of course, painbag. I had the idea for painbag a couple of years before I decided to make it. The base is just a backpack with a realistic toast print on it. The smaller pouches held items that I otherwise would have just let loose inside of the backpack. But it's inefficient to zip and unzip multiple times when you're trying to grab something, especially if I couldn't remember which pouch held the thing I was looking for. Itabags were the cool new trend at the time, so I decided I would instead make a pain bag (it's a pun).

old pain bag 1 old pain bag 1 old pain bag 1

One of the less obvious changes is that originally the pouches were just pinned on! I would take them off and rearrange on occassion. I ultimately decided that sewing them on would be best. Also, I made some of the keychains but also ended up losing a few over time. Well, it's changed a lot since I started it but almost all of the additions ended up being a fond memory for me! For example, I did the embroidery while working long shifts at a campus computer lab. I remember being so stressed about so many things at the time, but the repetitive task really helped me. The pins were a gift from a dear friend of mine who is always so thoughtful. I bought the toast button at a convention I went to a few years ago. I ended up going with one of my friends who had never been to a con before, and we had so much fun that I realized the ideal con experience is having just one other person to go with. In short, it's a very special bag!


I have a couple of other less interesting bread knick knacks and one dress, but my collection is based on bags in general, mostly lucky secondhand finds. I'm a big fan of Marisan Bakery マリさんベーカリー. Her melonpan earmuffs quietly circulated J-fashion communities in the early 2010s unsourced, so it took me a couple of years to track down her chocolate coronet bag, which I finally won from Y!A in 2018. It was much cheaper than new but completely unused and I really could not believe my luck. Since it's my favorite, it's the only one that has never left the house! The best way to purchase from Marisan Bakery through her Twitter lotteries and in-person events, and the occassional online clickwar, but these are inaccessible to me and hunting them down is part of the fun! The only items I'm still looking for are the kanipan backpack and croissant shoulder bag, and then I will have a suitable bread bag for every possible occassion!

Marisan Bakery

Emily Temple cute


Marisan Bakery


Marisan Bakery