my design inspiration

book spread with vintage stationery items

my favorite socks

pair of socks with strawberries on them

buttered toast keychain

keychain in the shape of buttered toast

maple bear

Sylvania Families maple bear

melonpan pouch

melonpan pouch

uncooked froggy dough

uncooked green dough in the shape of a frog


Coltemonikha Best CD

it is impossible to pick a favorite

Perfume costume book

croissant squishy

croissant stressball

a frozen rose. how pitiful!

pink rose covered in snow

usakumya, pretending to be a bunny as always

blue usakumya

moomin ube toast

toasted bread with a bite taken out

marching band cats blouse

purple blouse with cats on them

vintage(?) teddy brooch

teddy brooch

you're supposed to return your key when you check out, but...

hotel room key card


museum display of a coelacanth

from 1996, a thrifting find from some years ago; don't remember what's on it and no way of checking

Cosplay Encyclopedia DVD

the bears school squishy

bear stressball

lipgloss. I haven't worn it in years.

tube of pink lipgloss

easily the ugliest clothing I own but I love it

beige floral blouson

cursed object, used for long-distance communication

Lin Setsu A nendoroid

big paperclip, great for books

gold paperclip

my daily bag. carries just my phone, wallet, bandaids and keys.

round wicker purse

my first video game

Hamtaro and the Ham-Ham Games GBA cartridge

it's as old as I am! and very dusty

Pikachu plush

literally huge; stole it from a professor

The Big Book of Conspiracies


ugly strawberry with what appears to be a hemorrhoid