I spent a few hours putting UV blocking film on my glass bookcase, because I don't like keeping my dolls in the closet where I can't look at them. I wanted to put a little curtain on the side that faces the sun because I don't trust myself or the film, but doing that properly requires me taking care of my sewing machine issue which is such a hassle. So I used a panel from my window and got creative with some ribbon to keep it from dragging on the floor. It's too dark to see inside at night so I'm still leaving doors open. On the plus side I don't have to worry about dolls being in the background of a video call. It's just not something I can handle. Overall the end results were hardly worth it but I spent time and money on it, so it's staying. Also, projects described as a "one person job" has consistently been a lie in my experience. Do product testers have multiple sets of hands? Do they levitate too?

One of my neighbors had a china cabinet on the curb on trash day and it actually would have been much better for this project. I really should have taken it before the garbage truck did, but the glass needed to be replaced and it was a little too Cracker Barrel-esque for me. Also, too heavy and where would I put it. I wonder what they did with the china.

They had a toilet too but I wasn't interested in it nor the water it came with.

i support fujoshi and gay elf twink yaoi doll rights

My friends and I were sold invalid tickets to Miski's show, so we couldn't go, and that was kind of a bummer. It was outdoors and the weather was cold and rainy anyway, so perhaps we were sparred a cold. When the world is already so chaotic, things like that feel very inconsequential, and we'll just have to do something fun another time. I hope the scammer suffers.

It's not all bad news! My Foveo Midnight Greta arrived! This is my first Foveo girl. I was really torn between Midnight Greta and regular Pie in Ecru Camel because I can't get over light tans, but I'm glad I went with Midnight Greta. Regular Greta has a really lovely face already, but sleepy eyes are just so cute. The resin is really soft and velvety, almost like Volks. Almost.

My only complaint so far is that most of the sculpting is really nice, but Samieru didn't sculpt the bottom of the feet! It's totally flat! It's the details that make a good doll a great doll, so I hope she reconsiders one day. It's really not a dealbreaker though, Haupia is the first doll whose feet I've bothered painting, and she still is at least wearing socks most of the time. There are seams too but that's expected with tans.

Well, if I did go for Pie, I might consider Pie.B. A while ago Hat pointed me to pair of H-12s on Mandarake that I can't justify the shipping cost for, nor do I have a body for, yet they sit there taunting me. I don't think either of Foveo's light resins match Volks normal, but it's a lot closer than tan. No but imagine being the kind of person who buys a doll for a pair of hands instead of the other way around. That will never be me. No way.

Anyway, I hope Foveo makes boy mature minis some day. I think Foveo would be very good at making boyfriends. Gay boyfriends, of course. I don't think I'll ever understand the kind of person that goes on 4chan of all places to educate others of the horrors, danger and injustices of doll yaoi. I also can't understand using a personal site exclusively as an extended Tw*tter bio, with no other purpose but to host imaginary friends' pronoun collection, an essay about why you cannot be held accountable for your actions, and a long list of arbitrary reasons why you wouldn't give me your autograph. I mean it sure keeps things entertaining but maybe consider adding a shrine or two at least?

I've been having a lot of fun playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The plot is uninteresting, but running around and catching Pokemon is a ton of fun! I don't feel like Pokemon needs to become a hyper realistic open world action adventure RPG, but I hope that future installments can use the same gameplay for routes and safari areas. It was really refreshing!

I think the sound design was fantastic. I loved that the BGM sometimes corresponded to the same area in Sinnoh. Some voice acting would have been cool. And I do have to admit it's lacking in graphics. The UI design is top notch, and the 2.5D effects are great. But I really think Gamefreak let the interns do a little too much. Hisui feels kind of empty. Why does nothing interact with its environment? Why is there only 1 proper village in the whole region?! How far back in time is it supposed to be?!

I would have appreciated the characters looking like ones in Sinnoh if it seemed less random. But I'm not entirely sure why they chose to bring in Ingo, of all NPCs? One that didn't appear until the following gen, and such a minor one at that. I think it was pretty easy to skip the Battle Subway entirely. Battling has never been particularly enjoyable for me, but I actually absolutely loved the Subway Bosses. I hoarded so much fanart in place of merch. It was a pretty short-lived obsession but I can't believe I almost completely forgot! He had no place in the game but I really appreciated it and it was a highlight of the game for me. So far. I haven't finished it yet!

I made some overalls for my third honeybear. I gave it very little thought and I clearly struggled, but I will pretend it was intentional.

also it's too hard to take them off

tw: doll gore

I've discovered one of my terrible ideas from several years ago, if the date is accurate. Might be older. But it's probably good that they left for greener pastures :(