I recently rediscovered one of my favorite music Youtube channels from back in the day, AChocolatePhilosphy, which was briefly Noamimi Lounge, before again becoming AChocolatePhilosphy. Weird to think that at one point you could actually just find new music all the time on Youtube. Obviously Humming Urban Stereo isn't shibuya-kei but I'd still like to get physical copies of their entire discography some day. But if I had to pick between only phyiscial or only digital...it's a weird position to be in when someone asks what music you've been listening and your most truthful answer isn't even on streaming services! I have considered offering to hum it to them since that sounds a little more fun then just naming the more popular artists I like. Well, it's not that I'm intentionally trying to be a hipster but playing Katamari as a child really determined which direction my music tastes were going to go and there was nothing I could do about it. They say you stop listening to new music once you turn 30. For me, maybe it was 13 or so. I hope that's not the case!

I'm pretty convinced that strawberries just get more oversized and misshapen every year. Even when strawberries were in season here, they really sacrificed taste for interesting shapes. The last package I bought had one that very clearly had a hemorrhoid. I'm beginning to understand why the old ladies sample them in the store. But being wasteful? In this economy? No. So, I made tanghulu for the first time! I'm not sure if coating things in sugar neccessarily improves the taste but they're fun to make and fun to eat. It's a very simple recipe, but there is a technique to it! I didn't have skewers so I just used my hands instead. The next time I try it, I'll be better prepared so hopefully they'll turn out a little better.

shiny tanghulu

Also, some really great news! Mother SD was kind to me and I was able to win Max from the international lottery and Reggie from the US lottery!! So, my official Volks win rate is 2/4 (since I entered for Reggie twice)! I'm so so so excited, I wasn't sure if I would get this lucky. But I think hat either directly or indirectly made it happen! Thank you, hat! It's too bad that Max and Reggie won't share a birthday since Reggie won't arrive until late September (or in Volks time, early December), but I'm glad Haupia will be able to have gay dads without me having to reward scalpers or fight anyone in the aftermarket, or indefinitely pray to Mother SD for a rerelease. I can't wait!! I snagged the Boy's Dormitory sets and the strawberry maiden kimono so regardless of the results I wouldn't have been left empty handed either way, but I managed the best possible outcome! I'm honestly very grateful for the exchange rate but I hope Japan's economy can recover soon!

Anyway this week was very good for me. We even got some much-needed rain after several days of 100°F weather. Since I surely have a little extra luck to spare, I'm sending it to whoever needs it! And hopefully anyone who wasn't blessed by Mother SD this time will get another chance in the near future! Maybe the next Max/Reggie release will be even better! Please do not give money to scalpers I am begging.

I finished the miniature kit! I'm so glad to finally have a clean desk! It will be short lived. Like the cat house I made last year, this one is also wired and the lamp hanging from the doorframe lights up. It's smaller but I think I enjoyed building this one more than the cat house! The hardest part was getting the knobs on the blue dresser(?) to stay on. I kind of wish I made a wooden floor again, but I think it would have been in the way. I'm a measure-once-cut-once kind of girl, so as satisfied as I was with the wall and door frame, I didn't think to accomodate the depth of the other walls and I had to sloppily shave some off. You can actually see the door frame sticking out farther than it should in the front lol But I think it still turned out pretty cute. Since this one is smaller, it fits much more nicely on the shelf.

exterior of dollhouse with green walls and plants

Finally I was able to enter for the Regulus and Maximilian lotteries!!! It's both exciting and stressful. My win rate for Volks lotteries is 0/1 so far, so we'll see how much that number changes. I don't think I've ever won any kind of lottery come to think of it, or any sort of luck-based drawing. I really have to get those numbers up! I never purchase fullsets, so perhaps that will also be a first for me. It sounds like Utena and Anthy also ended up being quite a bloodbath. I wasn't aware of Utena's enduring popularity. Still waiting on DD Kaito. Still not sure why he wasn't released with Meiko.

Also, for this site, I'm revisiting an idea for the index page that I sort of started and abandoned several months ago. I would have prefered to have just uploaded it when I finished it but I got far enough into messing with my files that I can't be bothered to return it to its previous state. I might stay half-finished for a while but anyway I think I will be adding more bears. I think I should probably get around to actually doing something with the 404 page too, but people should also just not visit pages that don't exist??

I spent a good portion of my weekend working on my miniature kit. This one has less papercraft parts but I decided to try making more of the parts myself, which is probably why it's taking forever! It's mostly because I glued a pretty important piece wrong and had to remake it anyway. But I learned my lesson from last time and decided not to use the grass powder(?) at all. It just gets everywhere and doesn't even look like grass, it's worse than glitter. The plastic material included for the windows isn't ideal either but I guess it's pretty cool that my fingerprints will surely be part of the finished product.

dollhouse with green walls and a miniature bear opening the door

I wish it was closer to honeybear sized! The scaling is kind of random anyway, so it would be nice if everything was just a little bigger.

The Boy's Dormitory Dolpa winners are finally getting their boys. They look so good! I'll try not to pretend I have them yet, as that would lower my lottery chances. Max and Reggie are on Yahoo! Auctions already, and it's always disappointing to see that people enter the lotteries just to try to turn a profit. But unlike the recent Sapphire release it doesn't look like anyone's desperate enough to go for it, at least not yet. I think I really would be perfectly happy with two Reggies.

This weekend, I got a chance to talk to my school friends for the first time in maybe a month or two. We live all over the state now, so we actually haven't seen each other as a full group since our final spring break before covid. I can't believe it's been that long! Even if it's just a video call it's always nice to see them. We're all working in the same industry now so I'm a little comforted that we have the most of the same work grievences even if our jobs are different. But our most talented and smart and creative friend is by far the most miserable out of our group, which really makes me think there's little hope for the rest of us. Well, I think we all have mutual respect of each other but she's definitely the best. It's just not a very fulfilling job. Well, despite how this site looks (or functions, because this is my t-shirt and sweatpants site and not my proper powersuit professional site) I actually do enjoy design and I don't think I'm bad at it. But I don't give a shit about anything I'm working on, and maybe that's true for most jobs, but other jobs don't require that you pretend to care nearly as much. I don't know how much longer I can strain all of my muscles to stop my eyes from rolling when a client starts trying to be creative. Aside from buying a product also somehow being a political statement, I also hope it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone that most of those infographics and fact sheets circulating on social media are also the result of "non-profits" being chained the whims of their equivalent of shareholders, just like any other business. Yes, even the correct-opinion-havers have a financial incentive to brainwash society and no one is exactly immune. Please stop donating to advocacy groups, they have no idea what they're doing.

But speaking of capitalism, I guess it's nice that the pay is pretty good considering how little I'm contributing to society. I truly believe it was a much more worthwhile field to be in even just 10 years ago, but since it's not 10 years ago anymore, I guess I've realized I actually would like to do something else with my life, preferably only design-adjacent. Doing motion graphics full time would be ideal but I don't ever want to freelance again.

Anyway, I asked my most talented and smart and creative friend what she would rather be doing, and she half-jokingly said she's going to be a streamer. Honestly I'd support her. For me, banana farming is still on the table.

I can't believe Golden Kamuy is over already. I regret not getting into it sooner since I only started reading about two years ago. I was reluctant before then, because while I can say I've generally outgrown modern high school settings in media, historical fiction is kind of hard to get into, since it generally requires that you already know some of the historical context. Of course, that's rarely ever an issue and part of me knows that but still. What was most offputting was actually the anime! I didn't know fighting a bear could look so boring!

Well, it's nice to not have to put in a huge time investment before knowing it would be worthwhile, so being a little late to things is sometimes a good thing. As for the ending, it felt a little abrupt, but I'm very happy for Shiraishi! It always feels really cheap when comic relief characters are killed off, but I still kind of expected it because that's usually how it goes, right? But along with refusing to do a timeskip where Sugimoto and Asirpa get married or whatever, Noda chose to respect his readers instead! So, I'm looking forward to his next work, whatever it is! And I still will not watch the anime, but I'm willing to give live-action Golden Kamuy a chance.

I'm also really glad the pollen clouds are gone. On the worst days my sinus pressure was bad enough that it made my teeth hurt. But I'm hoping I can enjoy the weather before it's unbearably hot and humid. Since work has died down a bit, I want to take it easy but I also want to get a lot of things done, outside of normal life stuff. It's taking me forever to finish the last miniature kit I picked up a few months ago, but I'm finally almost done. And then I can move on to the next half-finished project. Well I keep telling myself and then I just start a new one anyway. And I'm just kind of tired.

Also, about another month until the SD17 Boy's Dormitory boys are up for lottery. I'm seriously just going to enter for both, and pray I get at least one. Maybe the delay is a good thing? It gives me more time to recharge any luck I might have used up! In the meantime, I should be better about not neglecting the dolls I actually already own so that Mother SD knows I'm worthy.