I hate dealing with clients

"There's too much whitespace."

"Well actually, whitespace is good."



I'm sorry??? I didn't know you were qualified to make aesthetic judgements and since that's the case what exactly do you need me for? Just to empty your wallet? Because when I'm billing, those nitpicks turn into extra digits quite easily.

I mean, I'm clearly not an expert and certainly not some sort of design purist. I break a lot of rules, sometimes because I want to, usually because I can't be assed to follow them, and ok I'll admit that I think whatever "good" design is, is really just tastes of old rich white guys.

Not that "good" design is actually bad, but everyone always wants their stuff to look like the corporate default style but in their favorite color (why do they always want the logo bigger then? It's not even a meme, that's actually reality).

But, I've been thinking. Maybe web design has reached its peak. It's been perfected. Information is readily accessible, and any confusing aspects are there by design. What else is there to improve? No one complains about the format of a book and that hasn't changed since it was invented. It opens and closes exactly one way. Even before babies can read, they know how to turn a page. Sure, there's the occasional artists book that opens inside-out with triangular pages, but when you visit a library or buy a normal book from the store, you already know more or less exactly what each book looks like and how to navigate without even touching it. The only way you'll be able to tell the content apart from the other books on the shelf is the cover or spine. With websites, you instead get a logo in the corner (of course still way too small). Most people don't read or peruse books because the pages are pretty (well...I do), but because the content is useful or worth reading, and I think it's ok for websites to be the same way. Design usually isn't about self-expression.

But I'll still complain about it.

It might even be just straight chalk.

I used to think being sleepy all the time was just my personality. Despite getting way more sleep than my peers, who regularly pulled all-nighters (probably just for fun half the time), I always had way less energy. Coffee usually wasn't enough, though the ability to go without is an advantage, trust me. But it turns out the whole time I was just anemic. For years, probably! Actually, iron-deficient anemia is super common in women, which isn't too surprising when you think about it. But that's just really kind of unfair, isn't it? Female bodies go through all of these functions solely for the ability to create life, but it comes at the expense of our own.

Anyway, perscription iron tastes super chalky, highly unrecommended.

I haven't been to the beach in a really long time.

I don't live that far from a coast, only about an hour away, so I could really go whenever. Even though the weather is warm again, not a lot of people go to the beach this time of year, so it would probably be nice and quiet, too. Well, under ordinary circumstances, anyway. I think the past year has made just about everyone itchy. But I think it would still be peaceful.

I don't even really go to the beach to have fun. I just like to take naps there t

Or maybe it's that, regardless of my plans or preparation or a good night's rest, enevitably, I always end up taking a nap lol But I think I'll try to go sometime soon, before beach season really starts.

I don't like movies.

Two hours is just not enough time to tell a story. Or sometimes it's way too long for a story and I get bored. Or I already know what happens because I happened to see the trailer, so there is no suspense or unexpected twists. "Yup, those scenes happened in the order they said they would. Cool."

I don't care if "this one is different and really really good and and and and!!" Movie theaters are gross and noisy. No I will not buy the DVD no I will not pay for a new streaming service just to watch it no I will not rent it no I will not watch it I will not I will not.

What I will do, however, is watch 60 1-hour episodes for 3 days straight. It's so much better. The length of the show can adapt to the pacing, there is too much content to have the entire thing spoiled, and half of what you're watching isn't just establishing context and characters. "Well then, have you heard of [movie franchise]?" Ok but it's a movie? I will not watch it I will not I will not. I am ok with missing out, I can enjoy other things.