cat house

This weekend I finished my cat house miniature kit! Well, not really. I skipped a few steps because they weren't fun and didn't look very good. Actually, a lot of the instructions past the first page in the book were nonsensical or in an inconvenient order (so you'd have to use two tweezers to maneuver small parts in place instead of making them first). There were too many cut and fold paper parts for my liking. The designers of this kit vastly overestimated the dexterity and precision capable of normal humans. No sorry I am not a surgeon, I can not cut to the tenth of a millimeter. The second floor had a paper wood pattern to glue on, but I had cheap craft wood laying around, so I painted it and put an actual wood floor. I think the kit could have been vastly improved by providing cardstock instead of thin textweight paper. I may even go back and copy the curtain things onto cardstock so I can add them. Also, the stylistic consistency. It came with a realistic plastic fish, but the cats are all flat wooden pieces that you glue paper on. Why. The glue was also a pain, it was some kind of weird super glue. I switched to Tacky Glue about halfway through.

But despite all of that, I genuinely enjoyed putting it together! A lot! It's not as colorful as the example pictures (which were cleverly shot to hide all of the "problem" areas), but I think my version is better. It looks cute with other cat miniatures. I can't really say I'd recommend this one in particular to anyone not looking to make their own improvements, but I'm willing to give the maker's other sets a try. Anything with less flimsy paper. Gonna see what I can do with the extra materials!

electricity, no indoor plumbing
yeah sometimes I know what's hip and trendy

I also watched Squid Game not too long ago. It's definitely overrated and very predictable (though I do think it's significantly better than Alice in Borderland, but I hate isekai protagonists aaand I guess it's kind of an unfair comparision anyway), but it's a lot of fun. The cinematography and set designs were fantastic, something I've come to expect from Korean film. It's also been interesting seeing all of the attention Gong Yoo has been getting (which is deserved, he's literally the only reason Coffee Prince is watchable), despite his tiny role here. That being said, I think it's just time to let go of the Battle Royale/death game survival genre. Just about every version of it so far has been done just about the same, and now it's boring. Please try something else.