bananas and doll plans

I'm very glad to be free from work for the rest of the year. I'm not sure if I actually have any appreciation for holidays anymore. I don't know why I ever deluded myself into thinking that not working retail would make much of a difference in holiday-related work stress. Around this time last year, my entire department was laid off, and it wasn't even for pandemic reasons, they really just felt like it. For me, it was not that big of a deal because I was still freelancing anyway. One of my former co-workers used the time to live in Costa Rica for a bit. I wonder if she would have really stayed there if she hadn't gotten a really nice job not long after. She said she could have become a banana farmer. Would I pass up my job to be a banana farmer instead, if I had the choice? I suppose it's a bit unrealistic to think banana farming is some magical idyllic lifestyle, but I find myself thinking about it some days.

I also thought about applying to graduate school. Maybe I still will. Even now I legitimately miss being in a classroom, surrounded by deadlines and projects and friends that I liked a lot and lots of others that I didn't. And I liked the competitive environment. Well, there's really no one to compete acedemically with once you're past high school, but I enjoyed aiming for an arbitrary #1 spot even though I rarely made it. It's a shame I have no aptitude in sports!

I got a head start on things I planned to do over my break, since I think January will be very busy. I spent a few days repainting Chouquette! I added pearl powder to her eyelids so she matches Astilbe a little.

Not a second after I sprayed the final coat of sealant, a fly stopped by and decided that it would be a good time to drag its nasty fly legs across her forehead. It died there too. It was very gross but luckily the faceup survived just fine!

So, doll plans for 2022! Since it's this year it doesn't count but I'm waiting until Christmas to open a new one :) I ended up participating in Foveo's winter event since the order period is so short and I didn't want to regret it. I've only ever seen Pie.B and Gella.B secondhand. But that pretty much takes care of my 'wishlist' already. Me and Hat have been talking about eyes lately. Golem and Iris have been been around for a while, I guess? But they're really pricey for glass. Hat brought up the idea of asking a local glassblower if they might be able to make doll eyes. My own small network of artists doesn't have any connections, but for 2022 it's something I definitely want to investigate! I think glass is more involved, but mt didn't start making colored masking tape until someone asked them if they could so it's worth a try.

And, I'd really like to sew more! I'd like to get my sewing machine serviced because I refuse to believe there is nothing left it can do for me, but as far as chores go that's pretty low in the list of priorities. So instead of using that as an excuse, I can just hand sew instead.

And I want to take more pictures! I'm not very good at doll photography, or photography in general, but I think I would benefit from learning properly so I want to do that too!

the bread is fake

This weekend I accompanied my mother on her hunt for Christmas elf-fairies. They're the dolls she collects. There's a floral decor store about an hour away, but in the summer they start putting up holiday decorations for sale. The whole store turns into floor-to-ceiling themed Christmas trees. There's much more than just ornaments, it's very magical! I was hoping to find some doll-sized props while we were there (specifically, tiny santa hats), and while I was only slightly successful (no tiny santa hats), I had a lot of fun. And most importantly, mom found two elf-fairies that she liked. She doesn't quite understand spending a hundred (or several more) on dolls yet, but she's getting there! I think I will have to surprise her soon.

I repainted Astilbe this weekend too, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I think I prefer the eyebrows of her previous faceup but no matter what you do, more than any other part of the face, the eyebrows are gonna be just a little off. But it's fine because they usually get covered up by the wig. I think it's time for a new one since her current one was supposed to be a temporary anyway, and it doesn't actually fit that well. Astilbe also got her annual spin in the dishwasher and while I was at it, I restrung her. The second body is for the modding project I've been putting off but I actually prefer having a spare head I can do whatever with. I'll finish it someday!

Speaking of other doll things I want to do, I plan on redoing Chouquette's faceup, something more pinkish, and take/retake photos for the Doll page. My New Year's Resolution will be adding more hours to the day.

fought the urge to overblush and won